• Committer: Scott Kitterman
  • Date: 2018-03-02 05:34:18 UTC
  • Revision ID: scott@kitterman.com-20180302053418-oehk2ivy68666kgl
Remove unneeded try/except
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
authres 35 12 years ago Julian Mehnle Convert authres module into a Python package, movi Diff
CHANGES 117 6 years ago Scott Kitterman + Implement RFC 7601 SHOULD to ignore unknown me 5.5 KB Diff Download File
COPYING 7 12 years ago Scott Kitterman * Add support files from 0.1 and update for 0.2: s 11 KB Diff Download File
MANIFEST.in 85 10 years ago Scott Kitterman Make MANIFEST.in more selective to avoid inadverte 109 bytes Diff Download File
README 111 6 years ago Scott Kitterman + Added DKIM 'a' property so signature algorithm 2.1 KB Diff Download File
File setup.py 116 6 years ago Scott Kitterman Changed from distutils to setuptools because it's 1.7 KB Diff Download File