• Committer: Tarmac
  • Author(s): Fabrice Matrat
  • Date: 2015-02-09 21:22:04 UTC
  • mfrom: (519.1.6 redirect-charm)
  • Revision ID: tarmac-20150209212204-7q0s7nrhfigu4pu5
Add a redirect for charms
R=bac, jcsackett.

Approved by Brad Crittenden, Juju Gui Bot, j.c.sackett.
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
charmworld 1 12 years ago kapil.foss at gmail charmworld pyramid starter Diff
docs 33 12 years ago kapil.foss at gmail add install doc Diff
scripts 21 12 years ago Kapil Thangavelu add ctl scripts Diff
.bzrignore 458.1.3 10 years ago j.c.sackett Bzr should ignore our conventional lp credentials 430 bytes Diff Download File
.lbox 419.1.2 10 years ago Brad Crittenden lbox defaults to -cr and sets project to charmworl 31 bytes Diff Download File
File .lbox.check 491.1.2 9 years ago Brad Crittenden Move lint before test in lbox.check 66 bytes Diff Download File
CHANGES.txt 67.1.10 11 years ago Kapil Thangavelu put back accidentally yanked changes 28 bytes Diff Download File
default.ini 519.1.5 9 years ago Fabrice Matrat Remove useless code, simplification, typos 2.9 KB Diff Download File
distribute_setup.py 71.1.2 11 years ago Rick Harding Add missing files 15.3 KB Diff Download File
LICENSE.txt 61 11 years ago kapil.foss at gmail add license 33.7 KB Diff Download File
Makefile 506.2.9 9 years ago Reed O'Brien don't install svn, and juju:pkgs->juju:stable 5.1 KB Diff Download File
MANIFEST.in 1 12 years ago kapil.foss at gmail charmworld pyramid starter 133 bytes Diff Download File
README.txt 7 12 years ago kapil.foss at gmail work in progress on multi namespace support 252 bytes Diff Download File
requirements.txt 516.1.1 9 years ago Brad Crittenden Upgrade to use charmworldlib 0.4.2 to allow tags i 1.3 KB Diff Download File
setup.cfg 304.4.26 10 years ago Aaron Bentley Move logging filters to nose config. 569 bytes Diff Download File
setup.py 511.2.1 9 years ago Brad Crittenden Remove beaker:mongo stanza from setup.py 1.4 KB Diff Download File
test-setup.ini 474.1.6 10 years ago j.c.sackett Changes to address commentar in review. 668 bytes Diff Download File