• Committer: beaky
  • Date: 2023-10-17 15:18:26 UTC
  • Revision ID: svn-v4:4196e993-711f-0410-950c-c89e1d26c723:wacs-php:3023
Added A-All Girl, renamed D-BDSM
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
modelsel.php 342 5 years ago beaky Final one of the model attributes re-written to do 14.8 KB Diff Download File
modelsel.server.php 363 3 years ago beaky Massive cleanup removing meaningless setFetchMode 12.5 KB Diff Download File
setsel.php 374 3 years ago beaky reworked the formatting to look better balanced on 14.5 KB Diff Download File
setsel.server.php 386 1 year ago beaky Even more PHP8 fixes. 13.2 KB Diff Download File