• Committer: Jonathan Kolberg
  • Date: 2012-02-22 15:41:21 UTC
  • Revision ID: bulldog98@kubuntu.org-20120222154121-yxa1pe21j2mi54z4
Added kde-artwork-active into the seed
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
active 1042 12 years ago Jonathan Kolberg Added kde-artwork-active into the seed 6.4 KB Diff Download File
active-live 1035 12 years ago Jonathan Riddell tidy up active-live 1 KB Diff Download File
active-ship 1034 12 years ago Jonathan Riddell no libre/open office here 547 bytes Diff Download File
active-ship-live 1032 12 years ago Jonathan Riddell active-ship-live is now empty since it inherits fr Empty Diff Download File
STRUCTURE 1039 12 years ago Jonathan Riddell fix STRUCTURE 222 bytes Diff Download File
supported 1014 13 years ago Colin Watson supported seed must exist; and add ship-mobile-liv Empty Diff Download File