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  • Date: 2009-08-10 08:40:25 UTC
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(spiv) Cherrypick _knit_load_data_pyx import fix
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developers 2481.1.1 17 years ago Robert Collins Move HACKING to docs/developers/HACKING and adjust Diff
en 2691.1.1 16 years ago Ian Clatworthy move most existing topics into the User Guide dir Diff
es 3405.2.1 16 years ago Martin Albisetti * Added directory structure for docs en spanish Diff
ru 3638.6.1 15 years ago Alexey Shtokalo Initial commit for russian version of documents. Diff
bazaar-vcs.org.kid 2691.1.17 16 years ago Ian Clatworthy Fix pretty doc generation so works for all html do 18.2 KB Diff Download File
default.css 3211.7.3 16 years ago Andrew Bennetts Add a comment to the new CSS. 2.1 KB Diff Download File
index.es.txt 4488.2.1 14 years ago Dmitry Vasiliev Optimize configuration for build documentation 1.2 KB Diff Download File
index.ru.txt 3638.6.33 14 years ago Dmitry Vasiliev Added Russian translation for the first chapter of 2.5 KB Diff Download File
index.txt 3638.6.29 14 years ago Dmitry Vasiliev Added Russian translation for part 1.1 of user gui 1.5 KB Diff Download File
news-template.txt 3936.1.2 15 years ago Martin Pool Bump version to 1.12 and add news template 169 bytes Diff Download File