• Committer: Yannick Vaucher
  • Author(s): nicola.malcontenti at agilebg
  • Date: 2014-03-13 17:24:39 UTC
  • mfrom: (35.1.5 7.0-bug-1287179-hurrinico)
  • Revision ID: yannick.vaucher@camptocamp.com-20140313172439-q9c6i2e2yaxds5pj
[FIX] missing shipping address on invoice creation with order policy 'On Delivery Order'
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
account_invoice_force_number 11.2.1 11 years ago Lorenzo Battistini [ADD] account_invoice_force_number moved from http Diff
account_invoice_merge 18.1.1 11 years ago [ADD] several new modules double confirmation, web Diff
account_invoice_partner 18.6.1 10 years ago Stefan Rijnhart [ADD] account_invoice_partner Diff
account_invoice_rounding 23.5.1 10 years ago Yannick Vaucher [ADD] module account_invoice_rounding Diff
account_invoice_shipping_address 19.1.1 10 years ago Andrea Cometa [add] account_invoice_shipping_address Diff
account_invoice_template 23.3.1 10 years ago Lorenzo Battistini [ADD] account_invoice_template copied from lp:~bru Diff
invoice_fiscal_position_update 23.1.1 10 years ago Alexis de Lattre Add module invoice_fiscal_position_update. Diff
invoice_line_description 25.2.1 10 years ago Alex Comba [ADD] module invoice_line_description Diff
invoice_validation_wkfl 1 12 years ago Joël Grand-Guillaume [ADD] First commit of the first financial modules Diff
payment_term_rounding 18.4.1 10 years ago Vincent Renaville [ADD] Rouding when using payment term Diff
sale_order_partial_invoice 23.2.1 10 years ago alexandre.fayolle at camptocamp [ADD] sale_order_partial_invoice This module allo Diff
stock_invoice_picking 17.2.1 10 years ago Lorenzo Battistini [add] stock_invoice_picking Diff