• Committer: Vincent Renaville
  • Date: 2014-06-20 15:01:43 UTC
  • Revision ID: vincent.renaville@camptocamp.com-20140620150143-qvelx02lu7f1ik8e
[FIX] remove unuseful brackets
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
i18n 113.2.1 10 years ago Pedro M. Baeza [IMP] Translation template files. Diff
tests 94.1.8 10 years ago Laurent Mignon (Acsone) add tests for completion rule based on the bank ac Diff
__init__.py 94.1.3 10 years ago Laurent Mignon (Acsone) add completion logic based on the bank account num 799 bytes Diff Download File
__openerp__.py 130 10 years ago Yannick Vaucher Do not auto_install account_statement_bankaccount_ 1.4 KB Diff Download File
data.xml 113.1.1 10 years ago Stéphane Bidoul [IMP] pep8 + cleanup 401 bytes Diff Download File
statement.py 94.1.20 10 years ago Laurent Mignon (Acsone) fixes spelling, formatting and comparison accordin 3.9 KB Diff Download File