• Committer: Francois Marier
  • Date: 2013-11-30 22:59:54 UTC
  • Revision ID: francois@fmarier.org-20131130225954-plpidlir2u7j1t2q
Add a South migration for the expanded salt field

Generated with "manage.py schemamigration django_openid_auth --auto" and
then hand-edited to match the style of the initial migration.
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
django_openid_auth 18 15 years ago James Henstridge Rename package to django_openid_auth, since it dif Diff
example_consumer 11 16 years ago swillison example is now example_consumer. next= parameter n Diff
.bzrignore 97 10 years ago Anthony Lenton Made tests pass in 1.1 again, and added a tox file 55 bytes Diff Download File
LICENSE.txt 73 13 years ago James Henstridge Update copyright notices. 1.2 KB Diff Download File
Makefile 45 14 years ago James Henstridge Clean up the failure handling a little, generating 305 bytes Diff Download File
MANIFEST.in 43 14 years ago James Henstridge Clean up the distutils code, and add a manifest to 188 bytes Diff Download File
openid.html 6 16 years ago swillison Added header to openid.html 10.2 KB Diff Download File
openid.txt 3 16 years ago swillison Ready for launch 6.5 KB Diff Download File
README.txt 99.2.17 10 years ago James Tait Mention the new account_verified permission in the 9.1 KB Diff Download File
setup.py 106 10 years ago Ricardo Kirkner get tox working again bumped minimum supported ve 3.2 KB Diff Download File
TODO.txt 44 14 years ago James Henstridge Clear out the TODO list, since we've implemented t Empty Diff Download File
tox.ini 107 10 years ago Ricardo Kirkner added missing south dependency to tox.ini 864 bytes Diff Download File