• Committer: Free Ekanayaka
  • Date: 2011-10-25 10:17:32 UTC
  • Revision ID: free.ekanayaka@canonical.com-20111025101732-chgjhm27mg3rw8o4
Add polymorphic support to Reference
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
databases 4 17 years ago Gustavo Niemeyer - Implemented And, Or, and Parameter expressions. Diff
django 254.4.2 15 years ago James Henstridge Integrate the Zope transaction middleware for Djan Diff
schema 369.2.8 13 years ago Free Ekanayaka Move schema.py and patch.py to their own module Diff
store 41 17 years ago Gustavo Niemeyer - Implemented MySQL database support! Store tests Diff
twisted 389.2.1 12 years ago Free Ekanayaka Add transact module and tests Diff
zope 144.3.1 16 years ago Jamu Kakar - Migrated canonical.zstorm code into storm.zope. Diff
__init__.py 235.2.23 15 years ago Gustavo Niemeyer Oops.. a dummy commented out import went in by mis Empty Diff Download File
base.py 142.2.3 16 years ago Gustavo Niemeyer - Finished implementation of the C version of Obje 1.5 KB Diff Download File
cache.py 393.1.2 12 years ago James Henstridge Fix the test_adding_similar_obj_infos() test so it 12.3 KB Diff Download File
database.py 410.1.2 12 years ago James Henstridge Add an additional API to _check_disconnect() that 19.7 KB Diff Download File
event.py 235.2.10 15 years ago Gustavo Niemeyer EventSystem.save()/restore() are unused nowadays. 3 KB Diff Download File
expr.py 385.2.3 12 years ago Henning Eggers Merged trunk. 88.4 KB Diff Download File
helper.py 327.1.2 14 years ago James Henstridge Record skipped tests if the test result supports t 4 KB Diff Download File
info.py 396.1.1 12 years ago Thomas Hervé Cache column and table compilation 23.1 KB Diff Download File
infoheritance.txt 289.2.2 15 years ago James Henstridge Adjust doctests so that they will pass with the cl 7.6 KB Diff Download File
mocker.py 227.1.1 15 years ago Michael Hudson the fixes 73.1 KB Diff Download File
properties.py 398.1.2 12 years ago Gavin Panella Fall back to simplejson if json is not available, 39.7 KB Diff Download File
sqlobject.py 419 12 years ago Raphael Badin Fix test_result_set_count_sliced_start_none to mak 44.7 KB Diff Download File
tracer.py 401.1.4 12 years ago Robert Collins Review feedback. 16.8 KB Diff Download File
tutorial.txt 362.1.3 13 years ago Jamu Kakar - Fix the implementation of ResultSet.first to not 22.7 KB Diff Download File
uri.py 213.1.1 16 years ago Gustavo Niemeyer Implemented URI.__str__, based on ideas from Jamu. 6.4 KB Diff Download File
variables.py 405 12 years ago Jamu Kakar - Use assertTrue instead of assertIsInstance, whic 33.7 KB Diff Download File
wsgi.py 410 12 years ago Robert Collins Add a wsgi module to do timeline <-> tracer glue. 4.3 KB Diff Download File