• Committer: Scott Moser
  • Date: 2016-05-26 13:02:17 UTC
  • Revision ID: smoser@ubuntu.com-20160526130217-nrbc1xvi3b5pjfm0
kernel command line: override all local settings

settings on the kernel command line (cc:) were documented to override
all local settings, but a bug in implementation meant they would only
override those that are in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg, not any found in
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
bin 559.2.1 11 years ago Joshua Harlow Move binaries to an actual binary dir. Diff
cloudinit 144 14 years ago Scott Moser globally remove ec2init and rename to cloudinit Diff
config 271 13 years ago Scott Moser remove 'biultin' config, separate cloud.cfg This Diff
doc 133 14 years ago Scott Moser add doc/userdata.txt, move examples to doc/. Diff
packages 559.2.335 11 years ago Joshua Harlow 1. Moving around the packages dir. 2. Adjusting th Diff
systemd 465 12 years ago Scott Moser Add sample/example systemd config files This impo Diff
sysvinit 559.2.435 11 years ago Scott Moser setup.py: rename "daemon type" to "init system" T Diff
templates 14 14 years ago Bazaar Package Importer * ec2-set-apt-sources.py: - Use a template to ge Diff
tests 499.1.1 12 years ago Mike Milner Add initial unit test framework. Add initial tests Diff
tools 82 14 years ago Scott Moser add tools/ directory and 'write-mime-multipart' w Diff
udev 1121.2.4 8 years ago Daniel Watkins Add udev rules for Azure ephemeral disks. And ins Diff
upstart 80 14 years ago Scott Moser put upstart files in upstart/, minor other changes Diff
.bzrignore 1052.1.3 9 years ago Barry Warsaw Fix file modes to be Python 2/3 compatible. 42 bytes Diff Download File
ChangeLog 1221 7 years ago Scott Moser kernel command line: override all local settings 44.2 KB Diff Download File
HACKING.rst 1000.1.2 9 years ago Jay Faulkner Remove pylint pylint was not passing, and per smo 1.5 KB Diff Download File
LICENSE 450 12 years ago Scott Moser add LICENSE file 34.3 KB Diff Download File
Makefile 1172 7 years ago Scott Moser Apply pep8, pyflakes fixes for python2 and 3 Upda 1.7 KB Diff Download File
MANIFEST.in 1052.1.1 9 years ago Barry Warsaw * Added a simple tox.ini file * Use universal_newl 167 bytes Diff Download File
requirements.txt 1052.1.24 9 years ago Barry Warsaw Port the MAAS code to oauthlib. 948 bytes Diff Download File
File setup.py 1216.1.6 7 years ago Scott Moser fix setup.py for flake8 6.7 KB Diff Download File
test-requirements.txt 1219 7 years ago Scott Moser fix up tests that take too long due to retries and 275 bytes Diff Download File
TODO.rst 978 9 years ago Scott Moser move TODO to TODO.rst 2.1 KB Diff Download File
tox.ini 1217.1.3 7 years ago Joshua Harlow Make the usage of 'nose-timer' optional 691 bytes Diff Download File