• Committer: Marco Ceppi
  • Date: 2013-04-25 18:19:44 UTC
  • Revision ID: marco@ceppi.net-20130425181944-t0cb390fjl1exkau
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metadata.yaml 95 11 years ago Jorge O. Castro Use the correct syntax 783 bytes Diff Download File
config.yaml 93 11 years ago Clint Byrum Default query cache to off to prevent concurrency 2.1 KB Diff Download File
README.md 91.1.1 11 years ago Robert Ayres Added README 3.1 KB Diff Download File
revision 90.1.1 11 years ago James Page Changed to the shared-db hook to allow creation of 4 bytes Diff Download File
copyright 85 11 years ago Clint Byrum Removing unneeded augeas bits 756 bytes Diff Download File
keys 81.1.3 11 years ago Clint Byrum adding percona key to charm Diff
monitors.yaml 74.1.4 11 years ago Clint Byrum adding generic monitors 271 bytes Diff Download File
hooks 1 13 years ago kapil.thangavelu at canonical wordpress and mysql formulas with tongue in cheek Diff