• Committer: Khurshid Alam
  • Date: 2018-05-23 06:37:54 UTC
  • Revision ID: khurshid.alam@linuxmail.org-20180523063754-picdxkjs4dyv88c2
Unity-settings-daemon: Force start background plugin

If a user, already running a Gnome session upgrades or install unity by installing unity-session, background plugin doesn't start automatically. This plugin has been removed from gnome-settings-daemon and since gsd doesn't use it, it gets turned off.

The background plugin is necessary to sync background related settings (wallpaper, sound, messages) with unity-greeter. If it doesn't start with u-s-d, changing wallpaper will not change the background of unity-greeter.

The change was introduced in https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-settings-daemon-team/unity-settings-daemon/trunk/revision/4179

Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
data 112 6 years ago Iain Lane Hide imagemagick's Display app from the Ubuntu ses Diff
debian 1 11 years ago Jeremy Bicha Initial release Diff
po 126 5 years ago Jeremy Bicha Add gnome-initial-setup .desktop overrides * Add Diff
File amazon-launcher 80 6 years ago Iain Lane License the script under GPL-2+ per the rest of ub 3.5 KB Diff Download File
meson.build 129 5 years ago Jeremy Bicha Drop the imagemagick .desktop overrides Let's fix 1 KB Diff Download File