• Committer: oli4
  • Date: 2023-11-18 17:12:37 UTC
  • Revision ID: svn-v4:7640d186-872a-4c71-b7b2-a5696852cc35:trunk/bluefish:9013
perl language improvements from Dieter Michaelis <dimic@gmx.net>
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
config.site 3984 14 years ago dleidert Added new directory. In this place (not shipped wi Diff
data 253 21 years ago oli4 redid some of the code to set default values moved Diff
desktop-data 2880 17 years ago dleidert Rewrite build files: Moved desktop support files f Diff
images 46 21 years ago oli4 added slpash_screen to repository, this is not a f Diff
macosx 4867 14 years ago oli4 more macosx changes, and some build files to creat Diff
man 2464 18 years ago dleidert Add build scripts to compress and install the blue Diff
po 230 21 years ago oli4 initial addition of the i18n code run autoconf, co Diff
src 1 21 years ago oli4 Created directory structure Diff
ui 5344 13 years ago jimh6583 Merge the GtkUIManager code from the GTK 3 branch Diff
win32 4247 14 years ago dleidert Merge the Windows branch back into trunk. Diff
acinclude.m4 6285 11 years ago dleidert Check the .desktop file for validation. https://bu 5.4 KB Diff Download File
AUTHORS 7580 10 months ago oli4 getting ready for the 2.2.14 release 3.7 KB Diff Download File
File autogen.sh 7561 11 months ago oli4 fixes such that make distcheck works 5.4 KB Diff Download File
ChangeLog 7580 10 months ago oli4 getting ready for the 2.2.14 release 12.8 KB Diff Download File
configure.ac 7610 8 months ago oli4 for some reason these checks fail on MacOS if they 19.1 KB Diff Download File
COPYING 5035 13 years ago oli4 move to GPL 3 34.3 KB Diff Download File
INSTALL 7486 3 years ago oli4 get ready for 2.2.12 release 1.5 KB Diff Download File
File make-deb.sh 7417 5 years ago oli4 fix the location of the SVN repository to create D 2.9 KB Diff Download File
Makefile.am 7547 1 year ago oli4 removing intltool to modern gettext, the only issu 1.1 KB Diff Download File
Makefile.mingw 4699 14 years ago dleidert Enable full parallel building support. 313 bytes Diff Download File
Makefile.osxapp 4873 14 years ago dleidert Fixed location of config.osxapp. 787 bytes Diff Download File
README 7435 4 years ago oli4 update various information files for a new release 1.4 KB Diff Download File
TODO 4653 14 years ago jimh6583 Point users to the project roadmap in the wiki. Th 111 bytes Diff Download File