• Committer: Kevin Nasto
  • Date: 2022-09-07 20:11:48 UTC
  • mfrom: (73.1.1 add_charmcraft_yaml)
  • Revision ID: kevin.nasto@canonical.com-20220907201148-u7swrt86mhb2sct9
Merged charmcraft.yaml file
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
charmcraft.yaml 73.1.1 1 year ago Kevin Nasto Initial commit 393 bytes Diff Download File
metadata.yaml 72.1.1 1 year ago Kevin Nasto Adding jammy series to yaml 673 bytes Diff Download File
icon.svg 69.1.1 4 years ago Tom Haddon Update icon per lp#1686721 6.3 KB Diff Download File
File Makefile 68.1.1 5 years ago Simon Poirier sync to latest charmhelpers 793 bytes Diff Download File
TESTING 67.1.4 5 years ago Adam Collard Actually obey LANDSCAPE_CLIENT_CHARM_INSTALL_SOURC 410 bytes Diff Download File
config.yaml 67.1.1 5 years ago Adam Collard Add support for install_sources and install_keys 4.2 KB Diff Download File
charm-helpers-sync.yaml 62.1.3 7 years ago Chad Smith add charmhelpers.osplatform dependency and resync 212 bytes Diff Download File
README.md 61.1.1 7 years ago Alberto Donato Make the charm multiseries. 3.3 KB Diff Download File
dev 60.1.1 7 years ago Andreas Hasenack Add ubuntu-deps Diff
.bzrignore 49.1.1 9 years ago David Britton - Remove old broken integration tests, add new amu 29 bytes Diff Download File
tests 19.3.6 11 years ago David Britton Simple install test, runnable with jitsu test. Diff
copyright 13 11 years ago David Britton Adding copyright/maintainer/start hook to pass `ch 757 bytes Diff Download File
hooks 1 12 years ago Thomas Hervé Initial version Diff