• Committer: Kevin Nasto
  • Date: 2022-09-07 20:11:48 UTC
  • mfrom: (73.1.1 add_charmcraft_yaml)
  • Revision ID: kevin.nasto@canonical.com-20220907201148-u7swrt86mhb2sct9
Merged charmcraft.yaml file
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
dev 60.1.1 7 years ago Andreas Hasenack Add ubuntu-deps Diff
hooks 1 12 years ago Thomas Hervé Initial version Diff
tests 19.3.6 11 years ago David Britton Simple install test, runnable with jitsu test. Diff
.bzrignore 49.1.1 9 years ago David Britton - Remove old broken integration tests, add new amu 29 bytes Diff Download File
charm-helpers-sync.yaml 62.1.3 7 years ago Chad Smith add charmhelpers.osplatform dependency and resync 212 bytes Diff Download File
charmcraft.yaml 73.1.1 1 year ago Kevin Nasto Initial commit 393 bytes Diff Download File
config.yaml 67.1.1 5 years ago Adam Collard Add support for install_sources and install_keys 4.2 KB Diff Download File
copyright 13 11 years ago David Britton Adding copyright/maintainer/start hook to pass `ch 757 bytes Diff Download File
icon.svg 69.1.1 4 years ago Tom Haddon Update icon per lp#1686721 6.3 KB Diff Download File
File Makefile 68.1.1 5 years ago Simon Poirier sync to latest charmhelpers 793 bytes Diff Download File
metadata.yaml 72.1.1 1 year ago Kevin Nasto Adding jammy series to yaml 673 bytes Diff Download File
README.md 61.1.1 7 years ago Alberto Donato Make the charm multiseries. 3.3 KB Diff Download File
TESTING 67.1.4 5 years ago Adam Collard Actually obey LANDSCAPE_CLIENT_CHARM_INSTALL_SOURC 410 bytes Diff Download File