• Committer: Danilo Šegan
  • Date: 2012-11-08 15:11:31 UTC
  • Revision ID: danilo.segan@linaro.org-20121108151131-5h69py4lituwh1b6
Update roadmap config lane to 2012I4 per Fathi's request.
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
11.05.cfg.old 6 12 years ago James Westby Retire the 11.05 config. 2 KB Diff Download File
11.11.cfg.old 32 12 years ago Mattias Backman Retire the 11.11 config. 4.3 KB Diff Download File
11.12.cfg.old 40 12 years ago Mattias Backman Rename cycle namespace to current and disable gene 5.1 KB Diff Download File
current.cfg 53.1.1 11 years ago Fathi Boudra Update to current cycle/quarter 6 KB Diff Download File
roadmap-config 55 11 years ago Danilo Šegan Update roadmap config lane to 2012I4 per Fathi's r 24 bytes Diff Download File