• Committer: Jelmer Vernooij
  • Date: 2007-01-29 13:28:30 UTC
  • Revision ID: jelmer@samba.org-20070129132830-7fu6h9jba9vwk2iz
Support sending diffs for the first revision in a branch.
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tests 1 18 years ago Robert Collins Start working toward publish - get a publishing_ro Diff
.bzrignore 12.1.5 17 years ago Matthieu Moy Created .bzrignore 29 bytes Diff Download File
__init__.py 18 17 years ago Jelmer Vernooij Support sending diffs for the first revision in a 5.9 KB Diff Download File
README 15 17 years ago Robert Collins Merge two patches from Andew Tridgell: * post_com 1 KB Diff Download File