• Committer: John Arbash Meinel
  • Date: 2007-02-07 22:37:37 UTC
  • Revision ID: john@arbash-meinel.com-20070207223737-deytpas3j166sz72
Can't have a lazy imported object with the identical name as the actual module.
It causes other code to access the member rather than accessing
the module, causing an eventual lazy_import failure.
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tests 1 18 years ago Robert Collins Start working toward publish - get a publishing_ro Diff
.bzrignore 12.1.5 17 years ago Matthieu Moy Created .bzrignore 29 bytes Diff Download File
__init__.py 23 17 years ago John Arbash Meinel Can't have a lazy imported object with the identic 2.4 KB Diff Download File
emailer.py 16.1.13 17 years ago John Arbash Meinel Add an entry in the body to make it easier to find 7.5 KB Diff Download File
README 21 17 years ago Robert Collins Merge up with HEAD. 1.8 KB Diff Download File
smtp_connection.py 16.1.11 17 years ago John Arbash Meinel Cleanup from review comments by Marius Gedminas 9.2 KB Diff Download File