• Committer: Stuart Colville
  • Date: 2007-08-14 15:15:32 UTC
  • Revision ID: scol@yahoo-inc.com-20070814151532-ryhx5tptqj4wha86
Failures to find keychain items now raise proper bzr errors + Item and keychain strings are now quoted
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
tests 1 18 years ago Robert Collins Start working toward publish - get a publishing_ro Diff
.bzrignore 12.1.5 17 years ago Matthieu Moy Created .bzrignore 29 bytes Diff Download File
__init__.py 31 16 years ago Stuart Colville added keychain authentication for Mac OSX and upda 4.9 KB Diff Download File
emailer.py 24 17 years ago John Arbash Meinel Switch to using a local repository if available, a 8.1 KB Diff Download File
README 27 16 years ago Robert Collins Documentation overhaul. 813 bytes Diff Download File
File setup.py 25 17 years ago Jelmer Vernooij Add setup.py 685 bytes Diff Download File
smtp_connection.py 32 16 years ago Stuart Colville Failures to find keychain items now raise proper b 10.7 KB Diff Download File