• Committer: natalia.bidart at canonical
  • Date: 2010-06-04 13:11:14 UTC
  • Revision ID: natalia.bidart@canonical.com-20100604131114-18j74rq4c38tc8gk
SplittingĀ authentication.
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
__init__.py 57.3.1 15 years ago Rodney Dawes Remove the canonical namespace, and just use ubun 736 bytes Diff Download File
auth.py 362.6.1 14 years ago Elliot Murphy Fix lint. 19.6 KB Diff Download File
config.py 97.1.1 15 years ago Rodney Dawes Add pyflakes support to pylint-wrapper Switch to 1.7 KB Diff Download File
key_acls.py 420.1.1 14 years ago Rodney Dawes Add ubuntuone-preferences to oauthdesktop preregis 6.6 KB Diff Download File
logger.py 260.1.1 14 years ago Rodney Dawes Add back missing timestamps to oauth-login.log 1.6 KB Diff Download File
main.py 451.2.5 14 years ago Rodney Dawes Also fix the clear_token method to not defer the k 12.7 KB Diff Download File