• Committer: Domas Mituzas
  • Date: 2014-09-23 22:26:58 UTC
  • Revision ID: domas@facebook.com-20140923222658-zts5mbiqwwydw1nx
adding tiny utility to sniff MySQL errors off the wire, supports ipv6 and ipv4
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
esniff 20 9 years ago Domas Mituzas adding tiny utility to sniff MySQL errors off the Diff
faker 14.1.3 11 years ago Domas Mituzas Faker: C implementation of InnoDB fake changes bas Diff
osc 10 13 years ago Mark Callaghan Online Schema Change aka OSC -- thanks Vamsi. Diff
pmysql 1 13 years ago Domas Mituzas Adding first tool - pmysql - parallel mysql queryi Diff
prefetch 14 12 years ago Domas Mituzas Replication prefetcher: * binlog.py - binlog readi Diff
.bzrignore 6 13 years ago Domas Mituzas add spec file and install target 7 bytes Diff Download File