• Committer: Domas Mituzas
  • Date: 2014-09-23 22:26:58 UTC
  • Revision ID: domas@facebook.com-20140923222658-zts5mbiqwwydw1nx
adding tiny utility to sniff MySQL errors off the wire, supports ipv6 and ipv4
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
faker 14.1.3 11 years ago Domas Mituzas Faker: C implementation of InnoDB fake changes bas Diff
pmysql 1 13 years ago Domas Mituzas Adding first tool - pmysql - parallel mysql queryi Diff
osc 10 13 years ago Mark Callaghan Online Schema Change aka OSC -- thanks Vamsi. Diff
esniff 20 9 years ago Domas Mituzas adding tiny utility to sniff MySQL errors off the Diff
prefetch 14 12 years ago Domas Mituzas Replication prefetcher: * binlog.py - binlog readi Diff
.bzrignore 6 13 years ago Domas Mituzas add spec file and install target 7 bytes Diff Download File