• Committer: l10n daemon script
  • Date: 2023-11-26 01:43:31 UTC
  • Revision ID: git-v1:4259c77a87c50bc94c05d31fe70abdbdec9203ab
Tags: v24.01.80
GIT_SILENT Sync po/docbooks with svn
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CMakeLists.txt 149 6 months ago Albert Astals Cid GIT_SILENT Upgrade release service version to 24.0 1.5 KB Diff Download File
.gitlab-ci.yml 147 7 months ago Laurent Montel GIT_SILENT: Port to new CI template 277 bytes Diff Download File
.kde-ci.yml 140 7 months ago Nicolas Fella Make it build against KF6 582 bytes Diff Download File
po 83 1 year ago l10n daemon script GIT_SILENT Sync po/docbooks with svn Diff
LICENSES 67 3 years ago Friedrich W. H. Kossebau Use SPDX expressions in license headers GIT_SILEN Diff
po_thumbnailer 28 11 years ago Albert Astals Cid Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.10' Diff
cmake 25 11 years ago Jeremy Paul Whiting Move documentation into application folders, make Diff