• Committer: Paul Gear
  • Date: 2015-04-20 00:28:59 UTC
  • mfrom: (24.1.2 quassel-core)
  • Revision ID: paul.gear@canonical.com-20150420002859-jd7fxx9if0mw2l5k
Charles Butler 2015-04-07 Convert the init to a classmethod setUpClass
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hooks 1 12 years ago Thomi Richards Initial version, as generated by 'charm create'. Diff
tests 17.1.1 9 years ago José Antonio Rey Added tests Diff
config.yaml 12 9 years ago Paul Gear Change logrotate resolution to days instead of wee 624 bytes Diff Download File
copyright 3 12 years ago Thomi Richards Added copyright file and removed unused fields in 34.3 KB Diff Download File
icon.svg 4 9 years ago Paul Gear Add missing files; charm proof runs cleanly 0.9 MB Diff Download File
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README.md 17 9 years ago Paul Gear Add warning about certificate change 2 KB Diff Download File