• Committer: Alexey Kopytov
  • Date: 2013-11-05 09:54:40 UTC
  • Revision ID: akopytov@gmail.com-20131105095440-b6s71rpwm0wj3c3d
Bug #1247586: xtrabackup_56 defaults to innodb_checksum_algorithm=crc32

Fixed by changing the default value from 0 to

Bug #1248065: innodb_checksum_algorithm should be stored in

Modified both innobackupex and the xtrabackup binary so that
innodb_checksum_algorithm is stored in backup-my.cnf.
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
contrib 241.3.1 13 years ago Daniël van Eeden Add contrib directory with an backup script exampl Diff
doc 213.3.1 13 years ago Aleksandr Kuzminsky Added XtraBackup manual page Diff
patches 228.1.2 13 years ago Alexey Kopytov Port XtraBackup to Percona Server 5.5.9-beta20.1 c Diff
src 385.1.1 12 years ago Alexey Kopytov Rebase of the parallel compression patch on new tr Diff
test 134.1.1 13 years ago Aleksandr Kuzminsky Added the XtraBackup test framework Diff
utils 30.1.2 15 years ago Vadim Tkachenko directory restructure Diff
.bzrignore 449 11 years ago Stewart Smith merge from 1.6: Bug #1021954: XtraBackup on MultiI 196 bytes Diff Download File
BUILD-WIN.txt 244.4.1 13 years ago Alexey Kopytov Added initial support for Windows builds: - remov 2.9 KB Diff Download File
BUILD.txt 504.10.2 11 years ago Laurynas Biveinis Add MySQL 5.6 support. https://blueprints.launchpa 2.3 KB Diff Download File
CMakeLists.txt 244.4.1 13 years ago Alexey Kopytov Added initial support for Windows builds: - remov 1.6 KB Diff Download File
COPYING 174.1.1 13 years ago Stewart Smith add COPYING file with GPLv2 license. xtrabackup is 18.6 KB Diff Download File
File innobackupex 587.1.1 10 years ago Alexey Kopytov Bug #1247586: xtrabackup_56 defaults to innodb_che 111 KB Diff Download File
VERSION 585.2.1 10 years ago Ignacio Nin Bump version to 2.0.8 25 bytes Diff Download File