• Committer: Martin Pitt
  • Date: 2015-10-23 08:54:05 UTC
  • Revision ID: martin.pitt@canonical.com-20151023085405-tosiyopf5tq132i8
Tags: 0.70
releasing package pkg-create-dbgsym version 0.70
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
debian 23 17 years ago martin at piware added packaging bits, use real debhelper's dh_stri Diff
tests 102 17 years ago Martin Pitt * Move test suite into tests/ to unclutter source Diff
.bzrignore 127 14 years ago Loïc Minier Add .bzrignore 117 bytes Diff Download File
File dh_gencontrol 248 8 years ago Martin Pitt dh_gencontrol: Don't use a nonexisting binary pack 6.4 KB Diff Download File
File dh_strip 244 8 years ago Martin Pitt dh_strip: Don't try to process *-dbgsym binaries. 6.2 KB Diff Download File
File pkg_create_dbgsym 253 8 years ago Martin Pitt Don't create -dbgsym packages for python* packages 7.4 KB Diff Download File