• Committer: Prudhvi Krishna Surapaneni
  • Date: 2011-09-15 20:36:26 UTC
  • Revision ID: me@prudhvi.net-20110915203626-ctdtpyxen6rntfsv
Added Endpoint information for SNS and SQS
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
.bzrignore 1 13 years ago Gustavo Niemeyer Adding initial revision to repository. 34 bytes Diff Download File
aws.go 32 12 years ago Prudhvi Krishna Surapaneni Added Endpoint information for SNS and SQS 2.8 KB Diff Download File
aws_test.go 30 12 years ago Gustavo Niemeyer Renamed new Sencode func to Encode. Added tests. 1 KB Diff Download File
LICENSE 18 13 years ago Gustavo Niemeyer Added licensing information. 7.4 KB Diff Download File
Makefile 25 13 years ago Gustavo Niemeyer gofmt 382 bytes Diff Download File
suite_test.go 31 12 years ago Andrew Chilton Fix for the new url package in r60 2.6 KB Diff Download File