• Committer: Vlad
  • Date: 2023-02-17 18:31:14 UTC
  • Revision ID: vlad-20230217183114-rhzwy0dnikgixy1z
Making room for mobiles in blue bar for Tibetian language
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
File stat.active_users 413 5 years ago Vlad added psiphon_service environment variable 1.6 KB Diff Download File
File psiphon_install.sh 387 6 years ago Vlad URL encryption added 7 KB Diff Download File
File db_install.sh 193.1.8 13 years ago e-fryntov useragents.sql must be executed after DB updates 1.4 KB Diff Download File
File db_upgrade.sh 193.3.5 13 years ago e-fryntov db_upgrade sql upgrades path bug fix #2 2.2 KB Diff Download File
openssl.cnf 37 14 years ago Adam Pritchard Fixed slight install text and code errors -- user 201 bytes Diff Download File