• Committer: Andy Doan
  • Date: 2013-10-21 02:19:35 UTC
  • Revision ID: andy.doan@canonical.com-20131021021935-9v30ul1w0ff7yy30
fix bugs found in run-autopilot.sh

1: When unlock screen failed the whole script was ended. This makes sure
we just fail that single app test and continue trying other apps.

2: The reboot_wait logic isn't resiliant enough. Before we had "mega"
jobs (ie jenkins.sh) it was okay if a test occassionally failed to
get active networking. However, in this new script that failure can
cause all the remaining tests to not get run. The idea is to create
a reboot-and-wait script that will retry 3 times before giving up.

3: Update the system settle "classname" for junit. The issue I'm
seeing is that the junit results viewer in jenkins isn't correlating
the settle failures with the testsuite it happened in. This makes sure
the 2 are tied together.
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jenkins 18.1.3 10 years ago Chris Johnston Add ubuntu-touch-runlists Diff
scripts 18.1.2 10 years ago Chris Johnston Add smoke-touch-apps tests Diff
selftests 70.4.1 10 years ago Andy Doan fix bugs found in run-autopilot.sh 1: When unlock Diff
tests 18.1.1 10 years ago Chris Johnston Move current default tests to new tests directory Diff
utils 18.1.2 10 years ago Chris Johnston Add smoke-touch-apps tests Diff
README-cli.rst 70.3.4 10 years ago Andy Doan add some documentation for both CLI and Jenkins jo 2.4 KB Diff Download File