• Committer: rclobus
  • Date: 2021-07-07 09:34:59 UTC
  • Revision ID: svn-v4:c750a946-3510-0410-bd10-f3f687b18174:trunk/pioneers:2340
make reindent
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
admin-scripts 1523 13 years ago rclobus Various scripts to run the meta-server Diff
client 1 23 years ago ngeran Initial revision Diff
common 1 23 years ago ngeran Initial revision Diff
debian 1 23 years ago ngeran Initial revision Diff
docs 381 20 years ago vorlon Add manpages so we have some documentation. Diff
editor 749 18 years ago bwelling Add gnocatan-editor. Diff
metaserver 1786 10 years ago rclobus Fixed variants of the spelling of meta[- _]server Diff
MinGW 1557 12 years ago rclobus Fixed the MinGW port Diff
po 304 21 years ago rnhodek bumped version to 0.7.1 (prelim.) enabled NLS: run Diff
server 1 23 years ago ngeran Initial revision Diff
AUTHORS 1128 17 years ago shevek Show full authorlist in editor's help->about, and 457 bytes Diff Download File
File autogen.sh 2059 7 years ago rclobus Per default, no deprecation checks should be run 1.3 KB Diff Download File
bash_completion 1500 13 years ago rclobus Added bash_completion rules 696 bytes Diff Download File
ChangeLog 2212 2 years ago rclobus Use U+2236 RATIO in the timestamp, see the HIG 282 KB Diff Download File
configure.ac 2205 2 years ago rclobus g_type_init is deprecated since glib 2.36 17.2 KB Diff Download File
COPYING 939 17 years ago shevek Fix copyright statements 17.5 KB Diff Download File
Doxyfile.in 2014 8 years ago rclobus Fixed typo, as found by codespell. 74.9 KB Diff Download File
Makefile.am 2206 2 years ago rclobus Fixed compiler warnings in GOB generated code 6.2 KB Diff Download File
NEWS 2190 3 years ago rclobus Prepare for the release of 15.6 10.5 KB Diff Download File
pioneers.spec.in 1885 10 years ago rclobus Removed trademarked word 4.9 KB Diff Download File
README 1288 16 years ago rclobus Prepare for release 0.11.2 2.9 KB Diff Download File
README.Cygwin 1871 10 years ago rclobus Switched from POSIX to GIO for the network communi 1.5 KB Diff Download File
README.MinGW 1663 12 years ago rclobus Moved MinGW related stuff to MinGW directory. New 88 bytes Diff Download File
README.subversion 2086 5 years ago rclobus Release 15.5 5.9 KB Diff Download File
TODO 2086 5 years ago rclobus Release 15.5 83 bytes Diff Download File