• Committer: Olai Solheim
  • Date: 2011-12-02 05:20:44 UTC
  • Revision ID: olai.solheim@gmail.com-20111202052044-73z9ei6ljvppt5c0
+ Tidied up code in class GeoToolsMap.
+ Removed class GeoToolsPrimitiveFactory -> moved its GT factory into class GeoToolsPrimitiveFromJsonFactory.
+ Tidied up code in class GeoToolsMapGenerationService.
+ Replaced geometry type in class GeoToolsMapObject from Object to Geometry -> GT's geometric primitive base class.
+ Reflected these changes in class GeoToolsMap.
+ Removed double definition of legend background in class LegendSet -> legend background is now transparent again, which is good.

Need to fix bug that can be replicated by trying to view map with ID 1149437 (/api/maps/1149437).

Needs code review by absent group members -> kennetsa, krissimo, and then merge to trunk by friday afternoon!!! \m/(-_-)\m/

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dhis-2 1 14 years ago larshelge at gmail Initial check-in Diff
dhis-live 679 14 years ago larshelge at gmail Renamed lite-package project to dhis-live. Diff
dhis-mobile 1169 14 years ago larshelge at gmail Skeleton for dhis mobile projects. Diff
installers 2997 12 years ago Jason P. Pickering Adding Murod's MySQL/Tomcat/DHIS 2 installer. Rena Diff
labs 4745 12 years ago Lars Helge Overland Moved dhis-web-wap-client module to /labs Diff
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