• Committer: oli4
  • Date: 2023-10-27 19:03:42 UTC
  • Revision ID: oli4-20231027190342-9i8zdzg0ixjgh2p1
adding more ssh client tools to the ssh section
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
jk_check.ini 7 20 years ago cvstest added user checking in a jail 1 KB Diff Download File
jk_chrootsh.ini 474 10 years ago oli4 additing option relax_home_owner to the jk_chroots 615 bytes Diff Download File
jk_init.ini 523 5 months ago oli4 adding more ssh client tools to the ssh section 5.1 KB Diff Download File
jk_lsh.ini 221 18 years ago oli4 adding 'environment' option to jk_lsh 337 bytes Diff Download File
jk_socketd.ini 300 17 years ago oli4 replacing peek with peak (spelling error), but opt 81 bytes Diff Download File
jk_uchroot.ini 404 14 years ago oli4 fix a couple of compile warnings add and install a 166 bytes Diff Download File
jk_update.ini 309 17 years ago oli4 added configfile support for jk_update 77 bytes Diff Download File