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  • Date: 2016-03-22 08:08:51 UTC
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commit data source transfer stuff

the goal here is to make a v2 datasources that are mroe aware of
network_config and can return a 'transfer' mode, taht basically
says "Yes,  I'm the datasource you're looking for, but I need some network".

I walked through the DS and looked which ones could benefit from this.
The first ones to look at would be:
ConfigDrive: claim, hostname, network
NoCloud    : claim, hostname, network
MAAS       : claim, network (disabled)
Azure      : claim, hostname

                  definitive hostname   network
== Pure Local ==
ConfigDrive:        YES       yes        yes
CloudSigma:         YES       yes        no
NoCloud             YES       yes        yes
OpenNebula          Weak      yes        yes
OVF                 Weak      yes        yes
SmartOS             YES       yes        no
AltCloud            YES       no         no

== Hybrid ==
Azure:              YES       yes        no
BigStep:            YES       no         could[partner mod]

== Pure Network ==
CloudStack:         NO        no         no
Ec2                 NO        no         yes[network]
GCE                 NO        no         no?
MAAS                YES       no         no
OpenStack           NO        no         no
DigitalOcean        NO        no         no

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