• Committer: richard
  • Date: 2011-08-09 15:48:33 UTC
  • Revision ID: svn-v4:633ccae0-01f4-0310-8c99-d3591da6f01f:trunk:547
* *: Patch from Peter Bouda, with some small tweaks, to support
  python 3.X.  Tested with python 3.2rc3
* Incompatibility: in python 2.X, algorithms() now returns unicode
  strings, instead of byte strings.
* Update to use latest libstemmer.
* Bump version number to 1.2.0
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
data 271 19 years ago richard Move large data files to separate tree. Diff
pystemmer 369 17 years ago richard Stub implementation of a new python wrapper for sn Diff
scripts 290 19 years ago richard Add scripts which build the website. Diff
snowball 216 21 years ago richard This module will contain only the code and build s Diff
website 2 22 years ago richardb Adding initial version of website. Diff
MODULE 392 17 years ago richard Small commit to prod the website into updating. 479 bytes Diff Download File