• Committer: Antonio Terceiro
  • Date: 2013-08-02 01:19:30 UTC
  • Revision ID: antonio.terceiro@linaro.org-20130802011930-h4z1oinpd7den0sz
Fix unit tests

The situation of the dispatcher wrt unit testing is depressing. This commit
erases two unit tests for fastmodels device version that do not match the
implementation anymore, and leaves the remaining 4 (!!!!) existing unit tests
passing. Let's try to do better in the future.
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
doc 9.2.2 13 years ago Loïc Minier Add sample JSON file from the spec. Diff
lava 260.1.3 12 years ago Zygmunt Krynicki Convert lava-dispatch to lava-tool Diff
lava_dispatcher 67.1.2 13 years ago Michael-Doyle Hudson move lava/dispatcher to lava_dispatcher Diff
lava_test_shell 395.1.1 11 years ago Andy Doan include new lava-test-shell scripts These are the Diff
.bzrignore 83.6.2 12 years ago Le Chi Thu le.chi.thu@linaro.org Merged trunk 108 bytes Diff Download File
.testr.conf 67.1.3 13 years ago Michael-Doyle Hudson update import statements 107 bytes Diff Download File
COPYING 66 13 years ago Paul Larson Release 2011.06 17.5 KB Diff Download File
File lava-dispatch 319.1.2 12 years ago Michael Hudson-Doyle take lava-dispatch away and replace it with a shel 36 bytes Diff Download File
MANIFEST.in 414 11 years ago Andy Doan release-0.19.1 Two setup.py sdist issues: 1) I f 97 bytes Diff Download File
README 248 12 years ago Michael Hudson-Doyle fix rest in README 741 bytes Diff Download File
requirements.txt 154.1.5 12 years ago Michael Hudson-Doyle add first version of schema, way to check job agai 87 bytes Diff Download File
setup.cfg 220 12 years ago Zygmunt Krynicki Add setup.cfg that makes releases signed 19 bytes Diff Download File
File setup.py 637.1.39 11 years ago Neil Williams Add PEP8 fixes for doc/ and setup.py 2 KB Diff Download File