• Committer: Tmk
  • Date: 2010-10-30 23:08:25 UTC
  • Revision ID: tmk@riseup.net-20101030230825-l92gt3j36dv32l2u
make graph background transparent, nodes get background colors.
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
build 207 21 years ago ixprefect added build script git-svn-id: https://widelands Diff
campaigns 763 19 years ago sirver - event message boxes are no longer closable with Diff
cmake 4944 14 years ago qcs Manual merge of cmake-migration branch to trunk g Diff
doc 1955 17 years ago bedouin - enable in-place compression inside distribution Diff
fonts 38 22 years ago sirver Changes git-svn-id: https://widelands.svn.sourc Diff
global 3287 15 years ago nasenbaer_peter * introduce "global objects" that can be used in m Diff
maps 101 22 years ago sirver some bugfixes Added some examples cards. git- Diff
music 859 18 years ago sirver - added music from kristian git-svn-id: https:// Diff
pics 34 22 years ago sirver Added pictures to the repository. please keep in Diff
po 2189 17 years ago bedouin - patch by Antonio Trueba: improve locale handling Diff
scenario_examples 4908 14 years ago sigra * Implement a message system in the game logic and Diff
sound 927 18 years ago bedouin *** empty log message *** git-svn-id: https://wi Diff
src 2 22 years ago sirver Initial revision git-svn-id: https://widelands.s Diff
tribes 156 21 years ago sirver Major update (tribe files) Init of time based ga Diff
txts 961 18 years ago sirver - Moved README and a few other textfiles into txts Diff
utils 939 18 years ago sirver - added 2 scripts needed for localisation - added Diff
worlds 85 22 years ago sirver Added default S2 compatibility worlds git-svn Diff
.gitignore 4843 14 years ago sirver More stable lua detection git-svn-id: https://wid 12 bytes Diff Download File
File build_and_run.sh 5063 14 years ago Victor Pelt build_and_run.sh now picks up CFLAGS and MAKEOPTS 846 bytes Diff Download File
BzrRevision.cmake 5040 14 years ago Jens Beyer (Qcumber-some) Don't use unset function anymore, drop CMake versi 482 bytes Diff Download File
ChangeLog 5127 14 years ago Holger Rapp Updated ChangeLog 50.5 KB Diff Download File
CMakeLists.txt 5147 14 years ago Jens Beyer (Qcumber-some) Cleanup after make doc; minor fix for doc installa 18.4 KB Diff Download File
COPYING 2 22 years ago sirver Initial revision git-svn-id: https://widelands.s 17.5 KB Diff Download File
CREDITS 3775 15 years ago nasenbaer_peter Updated CREDITS, ChangeLog and README.compiling g 1.7 KB Diff Download File
example.kdevelop 2893 16 years ago sigra Since leading_whitespace_checker now also detects 7.3 KB Diff Download File
InputRevision.cmake 5040 14 years ago Jens Beyer (Qcumber-some) Don't use unset function anymore, drop CMake versi 307 bytes Diff Download File
Makefile 3959 14 years ago bedouin - Implement feature request #2782462: "Add buildty 6.3 KB Diff Download File
SConstruct 4983 14 years ago Nasenbaer Small fixes/changes: \n* bzr is now the official r 13.1 KB Diff Download File
ts.lua 4894 14 years ago sirver Implemented name property on immovables git-svn-i 3.5 KB Diff Download File