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  • Committer: Bazaar Package Importer
  • Author(s): Kel Modderman
  • Date: 2008-03-12 20:03:04 UTC
  • mfrom: (1.1.10 upstream)
  • mto: This revision was merged to the branch mainline in revision 4.
  • Revision ID: james.westby@ubuntu.com-20080312200304-4331y9wj46pdd34z
Tags: 0.6.3-1
* New upstream release.
* Drop patches applied upstream:
  - debian/patches/30_wpa_gui_qt4_eventhistoryui_rework.patch
  - debian/patches/31_wpa_gui_qt4_eventhistory_always_scrollbar.patch
  - debian/patches/32_wpa_gui_qt4_eventhistory_scroll_with_events.patch
  - debian/patches/40_dbus_ssid_data.patch
* Tidy up the clean target of debian/rules. Now that the madwifi headers are
  handled differently we no longer need to do any cleanup.
* Fix formatting error in debian/ifupdown/wpa_action.8 to make lintian
* Add patch to fix formatting errors in manpages build from sgml source. Use
  <emphasis> tags to hightlight keywords instead of surrounding them in
  strong quotes.
  - debian/patches/41_manpage_format_fixes.patch
* wpasupplicant binary package no longer suggests pcscd, guessnet, iproute
  or wireless-tools, nor does it recommend dhcp3-client. These are not
* Add debian/patches/10_silence_siocsiwauth_icotl_failure.patch to disable
  ioctl failure messages that occur under normal conditions.
* Cherry pick two upstream git commits concerning the dbus interface:
  - debian/patches/11_avoid_dbus_version_namespace.patch
  - debian/patches/12_fix_potential_use_after_free.patch
* Add debian/patches/42_manpage_explain_available_drivers.patch to explain
  that not all of the driver backends are available in the provided
  wpa_supplicant binary, and that the canonical list of supported driver
  backends can be retrieved from the wpa_supplicant -h (help) output.
  (Closes: #466910)
* Add debian/patches/20_wpa_gui_qt4_disable_link_prl.patch to remove
  link_prl CONFIG compile flag added by qmake-qt4 >= 4.3.4-2 to avoid excess

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