• Committer: Rodney Dawes
  • Date: 2012-10-04 19:24:31 UTC
  • Revision ID: rodney.dawes@canonical.com-20121004192431-ci8qsql0myomgnf6
Tags: release-4_0_0
[release] 4.0.0
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
keyring 675.2.3 13 years ago Manuel de la Pena Added windows keyring implementation. Diff
main 675.4.1 13 years ago Manuel de la Pena Moved common code out of the linux impl. Diff
networkstate 675.3.1 13 years ago Manuel de la Pena Moved linux code to a more general module. Diff
qt 675.13.7 13 years ago Manuel de la Pena Added squeleton dir for qt ui. Diff
tests 531 13 years ago natalia.bidart at canonical Built correct structure. Diff
utils 648.1.1 13 years ago Alejandro J. Cura txsecrets started life as lp:~alecu/+junk/txsecret Diff
__init__.py 957.31.8 11 years ago mike.mccracken at canonical remove adding .exe to executable names, this is no 2 KB Diff Download File
account.py 957.32.13 11 years ago Brian Curtin Put basestring back how it should be 11.1 KB Diff Download File
constants.py.in 941.1.2 12 years ago Rodney Dawes Also fix the constants.py.in license header 1.6 KB Diff Download File
credentials.py 957.39.23 11 years ago Brian Curtin Merge trunk 10.1 KB Diff Download File
logger.py 957.16.1 11 years ago Rodney Dawes Remove the xdg_base_directory module as it duplica 3.8 KB Diff Download File