• Committer: Tarmac
  • Author(s): Ted Gould
  • Date: 2014-01-31 21:07:54 UTC
  • mfrom: (424.3.2 merge-policy)
  • Revision ID: tarmac-20140131210754-3ha40jqsc7ovy5oy
Adding acceptance tests and merge review policies.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Charles Kerr.
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
icons 12.1.13 14 years ago Ted Gould A whole bunch of icons that are from our previous Diff
CMakeLists.txt 391.2.8 10 years ago Ted Gould XDG Autostart file 2.6 KB Diff Download File
com.canonical.indicator.session 415.1.1 10 years ago Dmitrijs Ledkovs Define "ubiquity" indicator profile, reusing the g 313 bytes Diff Download File
com.canonical.indicator.session.gschema.xml.in 329 12 years ago Charles Kerr the default value for show-real-name-on-panel shou 1.4 KB Diff Download File
indicator-session.conf.in 391.2.6 10 years ago Ted Gould Dropping debugging for system-wide support 199 bytes Diff Download File
indicator-session.convert 222.1.1 12 years ago Ken VanDine Fixed improperly mapped gconf to gsettings keys, f 360 bytes Diff Download File
indicator-session.desktop.in 391.2.8 10 years ago Ted Gould XDG Autostart file 171 bytes Diff Download File