• Committer: oubiwann
  • Date: 2008-05-15 21:50:34 UTC
  • Revision ID: vcs-imports@canonical.com-20080515215034-e33qggbrq4eqs4cs

Support loaders.xmlfile in Old Quotient

Author: oubiwann

Reviewer: washort, glyph

Fixes #466
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admin 41 20 years ago glyph copyrighterizer Diff
atop 750 20 years ago glyph whitespace Diff
bin 1875 20 years ago exarkun Step the first towards better control over the db Diff
doc 390 20 years ago glyph checkins in the night!!! more tomorrow, I hope Diff
mantissa 3643 19 years ago glyph Resolves #2099: SSL client certificate based serve Diff
quotient 1 20 years ago glyph Initial revision Diff
tools 3078 20 years ago slyphon Yay! a new home for QuotientTools Diff
ChangeLog 3449 19 years ago dp Committing support code for implementing a phone d 41 KB Diff Download File
LICENSE 3994 18 years ago glyph Now that the source files are written to allow a c 1 KB Diff Download File
MANIFEST.in 3993 18 years ago glyph oops - make it 376 559 bytes Diff Download File
README 3992 18 years ago glyph Copyright notices, README and setup changes for a 7.4 KB Diff Download File
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