• Committer: Colin Watson
  • Date: 2016-01-13 11:51:31 UTC
  • mfrom: (1261.1.1 livecd-rootfs-bzr)
  • Revision ID: cjwatson@canonical.com-20160113115131-h6m4rkrnmyad1h5v
[r=cjwatson] Produce OVA files for i386 cloud builds.
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
auto 436.1.1 12 years ago Colin Watson start live-build configuration Diff
ubuntu-core 933.1.1 9 years ago James Hunt * ubuntu-core: Run setup hooks as done for ubuntu- Diff
ubuntu-cpc 1094.1.3 9 years ago Daniel Watkins Add our own hook. Diff
ubuntu-desktop-next 1103.1.1 9 years ago Didier Roche Create hooks for the ubuntu-desktop-next new based Diff
ubuntu-touch 702 10 years ago Colin Watson live-build/auto/config, live-build/ubuntu-touch: C Diff
Symlink ubuntu-pd 1204.2.3 8 years ago Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak Switch to the project approach, add a symlink for .