• Committer: Colin Watson
  • Date: 2013-03-18 13:23:10 UTC
  • Revision ID: cjwatson@canonical.com-20130318132310-vyz25qjh0d798sd6
bump licence to GPL-3, matching the Python rewrite
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
anonftpsync 921 11 years ago Colin Watson anonftpsync: move default RSYNC_EXCLUDE to etc/ano 679 bytes Diff Download File
config 1114 11 years ago Colin Watson etc/config: commented-out code for enabling -propo 2.5 KB Diff Download File
crontab 1118 11 years ago Colin Watson etc/crontab: add admonition about editing the copy 2.6 KB Diff Download File
default-arches 1117 11 years ago Colin Watson etc/default-arches: sync up with many already-depl 3.7 KB Diff Download File
purge-days 1098 11 years ago Colin Watson Support building and publishing the Ubuntu Chinese 248 bytes Diff Download File