• Committer: Oleg Shparber
  • Date: 2015-07-30 04:03:12 UTC
  • Revision ID: git-v1:f7f4c935cc92d63b34d236fba1cabe83e5fa4b60
Shippable: Remove build_image and cache directives

Now these options are set through the web interface.
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
src 326 9 years ago Oleg Shparber Move .pro file to the top, rename zeal dir into sr Diff
.gitignore 327 9 years ago Oleg Shparber New .gitignore 268 bytes Diff Download File
.qmake.conf 516 9 years ago Oleg Shparber Add missing .qmake.conf 44 bytes Diff Download File
.shippable.yml 782 8 years ago Oleg Shparber Shippable: Remove build_image and cache directives 257 bytes Diff Download File
COPYING 5 11 years ago Jerzy Kozera README and COPYING 31.6 KB Diff Download File
README.md 743 9 years ago Oleg Shparber Minor improvements in README 2.4 KB Diff Download File
zeal.pro 546 9 years ago Oleg Shparber Add additional files to zeal.pro 443 bytes Diff Download File