• Committer: Daniel Holbach
  • Date: 2010-06-03 11:16:57 UTC
  • Revision ID: daniel.holbach@canonical.com-20100603111657-ixslf233u0ow73t0
extend action description to 200 chars, ellipsise action if necessary, log experience level changes too
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doc 28 16 years ago Daniel Holbach add documentation and a landing page, also link to Diff
harvest 104 15 years ago Daniel Holbach initial cut at porting Harvest to Django - very br Diff
.bzrignore 164 14 years ago Daniel Holbach simplify installation 85 bytes Diff Download File
AUTHORS 96.1.1 15 years ago Benjamin Drung * Added myself to AUTHORS * Moved CSS formatting t 88 bytes Diff Download File
COPYING 172 14 years ago Daniel Holbach show different experience levels 847 bytes Diff Download File
INSTALL 170 14 years ago Daniel Holbach add 'update' command to make things easier 667 bytes Diff Download File
TODO 175 14 years ago Daniel Holbach update TODO 437 bytes Diff Download File