• Committer: mergebot at canonical
  • Author(s): "Tom Haddon"
  • Date: 2023-10-24 09:43:13 UTC
  • mfrom: (163.1.5 charm-haproxy)
  • Revision ID: mergebot@juju-c4ef3d-prod-is-toolbox-4.canonical.com-20231024094313-rygjqp7l7no0n0da
Add support for directory with SSL pem certs

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~erik-lonroth/charm-haproxy/certdirs/+merge/454355
Reviewed-by: Laurent Sesquès <laurent.sesques@canonical.com>
Filename Latest Rev Last Changed Committer Comment Size
build 60.12.59 10 years ago Sidnei da Silva - Switch to embedded charm-helpers Diff
data 86.2.1 8 years ago Free Ekanayaka Add support for SSL frontends Diff
files 60.1.1 11 years ago Tom Haddon Add nrpe-external-master checks to haproxy Diff
hooks 20 12 years ago Clint Byrum haproxy formula Diff
templates 60.1.6 11 years ago Matthew Wedgwood WIP: adding nrpe module Diff
tests 74.2.1 9 years ago matthew.bruzek at canonical Added amulet test for haproxy Diff
.bzrignore 152.1.1 4 months ago Tom Haddon Add charmcraft.yaml, switch charm to python3 109 bytes Diff Download File
charm-helpers.yaml 109.1.2 6 years ago laurent.sesques at canonical add osplatform to charm-helpers fetched modules 76 bytes Diff Download File
charmcraft.yaml 159.1.2 3 months ago Tom Haddon Include data directory so self-signed cert can be 579 bytes Diff Download File
config.yaml 151.1.1 1 year ago Diko Parvanov Added NRPE check for certificate expiration 11.7 KB Diff Download File
copyright 45 12 years ago Clint Byrum Adding copyright files to all formulas 756 bytes Diff Download File
icon.svg 128.1.1 4 years ago Jamon Camisso Update hooks/install to ensure python-apt is insta 18 KB Diff Download File
Makefile 152.1.1 4 months ago Tom Haddon Add charmcraft.yaml, switch charm to python3 1.3 KB Diff Download File
metadata.yaml 154.1.1 4 months ago Tom Haddon Add support for jammy 957 bytes Diff Download File
README.md 163.1.3 1 month ago Erik Lonroth Improved docs. 10.9 KB Diff Download File
setup.cfg 60.17.2 10 years ago Diogo Baeder de Paula Pinto Oops, Makefile and setup.cfg were missing 61 bytes Diff Download File
File tarmac_tests.sh 60.17.1 10 years ago Diogo Baeder de Paula Pinto Removing Fabric and virtualenv stuff, back to Make 75 bytes Diff Download File